Event: Virtual Lecture: Mars the Planet


c/o National Astronomy Week Team
RAS, Burlington House, Picadilly



Starts:Sat 14th Nov 18:00


Chris Lintott
Chris Lintott

Join Professor Chris Lintott (Oxford University, Sky at Night), Professor Jane Greaves (Cardiff University) and John Bridges (Space Research Centre) as we open National Astronomy Week with an introduction to Mars as a planet of the solar system, and delve into the recent discoveries on Venus to explore what this could mean for life on our closest planetary neighbours

** This event has run.  You can view a recording by clicking here.

Chris Lintott is a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford, and best known as the co-presenter of the BBC's long running Sky at Night program.

John Bridges 14th PM
John Bridges

John Bridges:  Research interests include differentiation and water-rock reactions in the ancient martian crust, including mineralogical analyses of meteorites. Part of Mars Science Laboratory, John leads the only non-US Participating Scientist team, ExoMars 2022, Trace Gas Orbiter, HiRISE, Beagle2, iMars working group  and other missions. One of the highlights of his career was being at JPL for landing night of the Curiosity Rover in August 2012.

Jane Greaves
Jane Greaves

Jane Greaves is a professional astrobiologist, with a background in radio astronomy. She is celebrating 30 years since she got a PhD, having worked mainly in the UK, and been lucky enough to visit telescopes in remote and special parts of the world.

Hosts: Jo Fox (SpaceFund),  Lucinda Offer (RAS) & Robin Scagell (SPA).


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